Shadow safe

Innovative protection against robbery

Unfortunately, no one is immune from unpleasant encounters with hackers. We know of cases when a person was literally attacked, threatened and demanded the key to a crypto wallet. Conventional security tools won't work here. That's why we came up with Shadow Safe.

  • point 1
    Simple to get started

    To activate the Shadow Safe, you just need to activate this feature in your wallet settings.

  • point 2
    Easy to use

    Just enter the pin code from the Shadow Safe instead of your regular pin code and the wallet from the Shadow Safe will be displayed instead of your wallet.

  • point 3
    You're protected

    The Shadow Safe wallet displays a false balance. It also doesn't allow you to manage your security settings.
Let's imagine a situation (1/4)

Someone wants access to your assets
What should I do? (2/4)

Give a special password to the Decoy Wallet
Your funds are hidden (3/4)

The attacker will only see the Decoy Wallet. The main wallets will be placed in a Shadow Safe
Limited functionality (4/4)

Security settings and wallets cannot be managed in the Shadow Safe

How to use it?
Select a wallet for the Shadow Safe (1/4)

Create and select a wallet which will be displayed when the Shadow Safe is activated
Disable Face ID (2/4)

This is to prevent a robber from opening your wallet using this feature
Make up an access code (3/4)

Make up a code to open the Shadow Safe
Familiar entry (4/4)

To exit the Shadow Safe mode, restart the app and enter your default password