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All payments, one solution. Work with fiat and cryptocurrency, online and offline, with no limits

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Let us handle all your transactions

AlfaBit Pay offers a comprehensive range of payment acceptance and processing services, enabling you to concentrate on growing your business

We work with both fiat and cryptocurrencies
Easy and flexible integration
Static accounts and individual invoices
Flexible system access control
Unlimited number of merchant accounts

Solution for any business

AlfaBit Pay is already customised for businesses of all sizes, providing flexible solutions for both large and small companies to operate efficiently


Gaming services

Accept payment for digital items with crypto payments


Banking services

Extend the range of financial services available to your customers


Social Media

Integrate convenient payment options for your network services


Online Education

Earn from your e-learning courses and training programs across the globe


Cafes and restaurants

Allow guests to pay and tip with digital assets



Invoice directly in chat rooms in seconds


Online Casino

Enable players to replenish their in-game balance using cryptocurrency


Online stores

Sell globally and control conversion rates with different payment methods


Exchange services

Implement cryptocurrency exchange and exchange trading


Telegram Bots

Enable seamless payment processing within your bot



We offer a payment acceptance solution for both offline and online donations

The most important thing is Security

  • Verify transactions from bad actors via the AML protocol
  • Critical activities within the system are protected by 2-factor authentication
  • IP address whitelisting and digital signatures for APIs
  • Fast support response 24/7/365
are use

People already using cryptocurrencies

Attract new customers

Accept payments in crypto assets from around the world, expanding your market reach and international perspectives

fast & safe

Receive payments quickly, profitably and reliably

Transactions are instant and the built-in hedging system will help you forget about exchange rate fluctuations

access system

Set up a system of access and roles within the company

Set up payment system access for the team to optimise workflows

personal solution

Personalised solutions

Tell the AlfaBit team about your needs and we will develop a customised solution


We offer some of the best conditions on the market, with a minimum service fee of 0.5%. Personalised terms are based on the type of your business, as well as the amount and number of transactions.

How does AlfaBit Pay work?

step 1

Customer initiates payment

step 2

AlfaBit Pay provides payment form

step 3

AlfaBit Pay produces processing and conversion

step 4

Business owner receives funds for his account


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Accept cryptocurrency and fiat payments
from customers

Integrate the AlfaBit service into your business and set up processing from the first days of use.

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